…. just spread your wings

Just stop for a moment, remain still and listen to your own breath. Let the rays of the radiant sun envelop you. Sense the energy passing through your body

… and then breathe in and spread you wings.

The cocoon, a flawless creation of nature, has become the inspiration for the new Cocoon range of light fittings from Crystalion. They are characterised by an elliptical line interwoven into a radiant cocoon which will bring brightness and energy to your interior.

Crystal light fitting with a rustic thread Cocoon 1

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The COCOON 1 crystal light fitting will captivate you with its original design which has been inspired by nature. Its shape is reminiscent of the cocoons which some insect species use to protect their eggs from danger.

The light fitting acquires its unique appearance from a wonderful piece of roughly worked crystal. That in turn has been decorated with a rustic amber glass thread. The irregular and playful design comes perfectly to the fore in cosy timeless interiors.

The suspended light fitting is made from Bohemian crystal by hand. Thanks to its dimensions of 340 x 170 mm and weight of 3,5 kg, the handling of this unique light fitting does not present any significant difficulties.


AMULET 1 = pendant

Height: 200 mm
Width: 200 mm
Weight: 2,10 kg
Number of type of light bulbs:
1xG9/230 V

Coming Soon!!

Suspended light fitting Cocoon 2

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The COCOON 2 suspended light fitting resembles the shape of the cocoon of the domestic silk moth. The shape of the cocoon made by this insect, which has almost died out in the wild and produces delicate silk, provided our designers with the inspiration for the creation of this flawless light fitting in Bohemian crystal.

The main part of this original light fitting’s design consists of an ellipsoid corpus in amber which has been decorated with an evenly laid glass thread.

The light fitting’s crystal section has dimensions of 400 x 220 mm and it weighs 4,9 kg. The COCOON 2 suspended light fitting suits a living room or a study. Its colour finish enables it to transform any classic interior into a flawless oasis of calm.



Height: 400 mm
Width: 220 mm
Weight: 4,9 kg
Number of type of light bulbs:
1xE27/240 V

Ceiling light Cocoon 3

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The COCOON 3 ceiling light will enchant you with its round handmade shape decorated with a distinctive rustic threading made of Czech crystal. Its irregular appearance and the varying degrees of density of the threading will immediately attract the attention of its environs.

The light fitting’s timeless design has been produced using Bohemian glass of the highest quality. Its distinctive amber colour is reminiscent of a natural cocoon. Indeed, this phenomenon of the insect world was the very inspiration for this unique light fitting.

The use of modern LED components is just one of the many features in this crystal light fitting. The light fitting can be equipped with special technology that enables the light intensity to be regulated according to your mood upon request.

Ceiling light COCOON 3 is perfect for a living room or bedroom. Thanks to its dimensions of 250 x 270 mm and its weight of 4.8 kg, the handling of this unique light fitting does not present any significant difficulties.



Height: 250 mm
Width: 270 mm
Weight: 4,8 kg
Number of type of light bulbs:
1xLED Core G7

Coming Soon!!

Designer bowl made of Bohemian crystal Cocoon 4


The COCOON 4 designer bowl made of Bohemian crystal will stand out on your dining table or in a display cabinet. Its unique organic design has been adorned with an amber glass thread.

The crystal bowl is handmade from high quality Bohemian crystal, which gives it its excellent sparkle. Its flawless colour combination of amber and crystal conjures up the unmistakable and unique atmosphere of home with a considerable dose of luxury.

This elegant interior accessory with diameter of 600 mm can either be put to practical use as a fruit bowl or simply serve as a beautiful living room decoration.



Width: 400 mm
Weight: 7,5 kg

Coming Soon!!


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